Bruce and Ivy Wiseman inducted to Business Hall of Fame

Published on March 1, 2017

Bruce and Ivy Wiseman of Clarenville Honda and Bruce’s Recreation, 2017 inductees of the Clarenville Area Chamber Commerce Hall of Fame.

©Jonathan Parsons/TC Media

Bruce and Ivy Wiseman are the newest inductees of the Clarenville Area Chamber of Commerce Hall of Fame — the very first couple to be inducted by the chamber.

It is quite fitting, as many who know Bruce and Ivy are aware, it is together they run their business.

Derrick Drodge spoke on behalf of the Wisemans at the chamber’s awards ceremony.

He says perseverance is one of the keys of their successes over the years.

“No matter what, you continued,” said Drodge, addressing Bruce and Ivy.

Bruce Wiseman got his start in business in Clarenville pumping gas for Duffitt Motors Ltd.

It was 1963, and he had just finished grade 11 and moved from his hometown in Musgravetown.

Eventually, he progressed to manager of that business.

When Gerry Duffitt retired in 1979, Alex Balsom bought out the business.

In November of 1989, after working for 26 years — always for someone else — he and his wife, Ivy, opened up Bruce’s Recreation and Auto Centre Inc. in Shoal Harbour.

“You take your chances and go,” he said of that decision.  “I knew that, from my experience over the years, recreation was growing (and) I would make a go at it.”

At the time they had three other employees.

Twenty-eight years later, Bruce’s Recreation has 18 employees, and is recognized and respected as a recreational vehicle dealership.

Bruce’s son, Brian, and his wife, Lee, currently manage Bruce’s Recreation.

Bruce and Ivy, meanwhile, work out of their newer business venture — Clarenville Honda.

Bruce, who had sold Honda products for years at Bruce’s Recreation, was contacted by Honda about the possibility of starting a new dealership in Clarenville.

In 2008, they built the Honda Power- House Dealer in Clarenville, managed by Bruce and Ivy.

Altogether, they have 36 employees working for them at both businesses; some of them have been with the Wisemans since the start of Bruce’s Recreation.

“As the business grew, I looked after my employees and valued my employees.  I mean, without good employees, it’s just as good to give up,” Bruce told The Packet.

The Wisemans have also been supporters of their community — supporting and donating to the Salvation Army Church, Volunteer Fire Department, RCMP, Eastern Health, Clarenville minor hockey, and many more other community groups.

“If it wasn’t for the community, I wouldn’t have the business,” Bruce said.

Their induction into the Hall of Fame comes 54 years since Bruce started out pumping gas, 28 years since he opened Bruce’s Recreation and nine years since they started the Honda dealership.

On being inducted into the Chamber of Commerce Hall of Fame, Bruce said it is an honour.

“I’m getting up in age now, and I’ve worked all my life.  Everything I’ve worked for is for the family … to be inducted into the business hall of fame is an honour.”

As for Ivy, she was also very honoured to be inducted.

She was not only part of the first couple to be inducted to the hall of fame, but is also the very first woman the chamber has recognized.