Milton-George’s Brook theatre company and cafe ladles up soup-to-go

Published on March 2, 2017

Geoff Adams is establishing a mobile soup kitchen in the area.

©Jonathan Parsons/TC Media

GEORGE’S BROOK-MILTON — Geoff Adams of Milton is combining his love of theatre with his passion for cooking to offer a unique fundraiser that sees him delivering piping hot homemade soup to his customers every Monday morning.

“You can’t beat good food and good theatre,” Adams said enthusiastically.

Adams got the idea of establishing a mobile soup kitchen from a friend who lives in Halifax, who told him about a similar fundraiser in his area.

“I started thinking about it because we have the kitchen for the (Curtain Call) café … and I’m always looking for ways to generate money within the theatre company,” Adams said.

The New Curtain Theatre is the umbrella company of the Curtain Call Cafe. Both the cafe and the theatre company operate out of the old United Church in Milton-George’s Brook. The building is now known as the Community Cultural House.

“When we moved into the cultural house three years ago, we started off doing market day cafes. That caught on, so we started opening the cafe on weekends and, in the summer, we expand into Wednesday to Sunday,” Adams said.

The Curtain Call Cafe Mobile Soup Kitchen has been up and running for over a month. Adams said business is going great.

Adams posts the soups available for the upcoming week on the New Curtain Theatre Company and the New Curtain Cafe Facebook pages.

Cut-off for orders is Saturday at noon.

“I make the soup and rolls (in the cafe’s kitchen) every weekend. Then I go up there on Monday morning. I pack everything in the car and start making the deliveries.”

The soups are delivered in mason jars. Repeat customers hold onto the jars until Adams makes his next delivery. They then give him back the jars and take their new jar of steamy, hot soup.

A 500 ml jar of soup is $7. A litre-sized jar of soup is $12. All orders come with a freshly made roll.

Adams is delighted that several local businesses, as well as individuals, are ordering soup on a weekly basis.


About the New Curtain Theatre Company


Adams established the theatre company over a decade ago. He was living in British Columbia at the time.

“I formed the company out in Vancouver in March 2005 then I brought it back here in November 2005. We did our first show in April 2006.”

While funding hasn’t allowed the theatre company to offer an entire season of shows, Adams said, over the years, New Curtain has performed over 30 shows.

“We host other (theatre) companies and musical groups, as well, in our space,” he said.


Adams did some culinary classes while living out west. His future fundraising endeavours may include offering cooking classes at the cafe.

However, for now, he is concentrating on growing the mobile soup kitchen and is optimistic that the fundraiser will help generate more money to support the theatre company.

If people continue to support the mobile soup kitchen, he said, the venture could bring in between $6,000-$10,000 a year.

For further information on the mobile soup kitchen or the theatre company visit their Facebook pages or email