Breakfast in Random Island Academy: “The best meal of the day”

Local school hosts Rooting for Health with Kids Eat Smart

Published on March 14, 2017

Dairy farmer Jeff Peddle was all too happy to talk to students about the importance of milk and eating breakfast.

“It’s the most important meal of the day,” says Peddle.

“It’s great to get kids interested in drinking milk or eating vegetables,” Jeff told TC Media.

Jeff and Connie Peddle of River Bend Dairy farm were some of the guest speakers at a huge breakfast event at Random Island Academy last Friday through Kids Eat Smart.

Ben Green.
Jonathan Parsons/TC Media

It was the eighth annual Rooting for Health event. The program sees a school from each of the province’s regions host a special breakfast event, complete with speakers from local farms, to learn about the relationship between agriculture and health.

Nickie Shanks, regional coordinator of Vista, Burin and Avalon West, for Kids Eat Smart was on hand at the event.

There were other special guests, including Terra Nova MHA Colin Holloway and the local Lions Club, who contribute to the community through funding and volunteerism.

This year, the local school chosen was Random Island Academy (RIA) — featuring pancakes, French toast, yogurt and fruit prepared by local chef and RIA graduate Ben Green of Eastern Health.

Both Krista Chatman of Three Mile Ridge Farm and The Peddles both spoke to the students, as well.

Chatman actually brought along some animals — a couple bunnies and a goat — while talking about how important it is to grow food locally and how amazing it is that a vegetable like a turnip, which is good for you, can be grown from tiny seeds in the ground.

Sandra Wiseman of RIA runs the school’s breakfast program each day.

She says when the kids have a healthy breakfast, they learn better.

“A lot of kids come to school and travel a half an hour distance, so they can’t really have breakfast at home, and by the time they get here, they’re hungry,” she said.

She added, by learning more about eating healthy at events like this, it contributes to their own health, growth and knowledge.

Principal Curt Blackmore says programs like the breakfast club are thanks to people like Wiseman, as well as the many volunteers who help run it each morning.

He says it exemplifies the support of a small rural school and the sense of community they have.

“Right now, the community feel we have in our school, I think, is strong,” said Blackmore.

He also thanked Nickie Shanks and Kids Eat Smart for picking their school to host the Rooting for Health event.

So as the students enjoyed their healthy breakfasts — they were undoubtedly ready to learn — even though they already learned so much about the importance of breakfast and local agriculture.

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