MNL director in Port Union today

Workshop will offer info on economic crisis response program

Barbara Dean-Simmons
Published on February 21, 2012
The OCI plant in Port Union has not operated since 2010. This Friday a federal NDP MP will be in the town to host a forum to find out how people have been managing since the closure of the plant.
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MNL Executive Director Craig Pollett is Port Union today to meet with representatives of the Town of Trinity Bay North, the Discovery zone board, and other partners to discuss MNL’s Economic Crisis Response Program (ECRP).

The meeting gets underway at 1:30 p.m. at the Port Union Worship Centre.    

While the Discovery Board is leading the discussions, MNL's Economic Crisis Response Program will be the framework all the partners use for coordination and to help the council manage this difficult situation.

In a press release this morning, MNL said it is pleased to be able to support the town of Trinity Bay North in their efforts to deal with the closure of the plant.

The Ocean Choice International (OCI) plant in the town was damanged when Hurrican Igor hammered the region in the fall of 2010.

The plant has not opened since.

Officials of OCI confirmed in December that the Port Union shrimp plant, which employed over 100 people seasonally, would not be reopened.

Last week Martin Sullivan, chief operating officer with OCI, meet with town officials and said the company would be hiring a consultant to sell the plant.

According to MNL, the Economic Crisis Response Toolkit provides council with the information, tools and techniques to respond to immediate and short-term economic crisis and to prepare to plan effectively for long-term economic transition.

"It is not a packaged blueprint for economic renewal, but rather should be thought of as a ‘toolkit” from which council can draw to fit its particular circumstance and to provide a systematic and focused response to the crisis," explained the MNL.