Town of Clarenville to begin using Synervoice

Initiative made to keep residents informed

Kevin Curley
Published on January 12, 2016

Clarenville council, back row (from left): Heber Smith, Paul Tilley, Bill Bailey and David Harris.

Front row (from left): Deputy Mayor Ashling Avery, Mayor Frazer Russell and Jill Monk.

Kevin Curley

The Clarenville Community Development and Communications committee noted in the 2016 budget to improve communications with the town and to establish memberships for social growth.

At tonight’s council meeting, Communications chair Coun. Paul Tilley said the town will be improving the town’s membership in community and regional organizations that contribute to the economic social growth of the town.

“The town will continue to establish memberships in The Clarenville Chamber of Commerce, The Clarenville Rotary Club and Newfoundland Ocean Industry’s Association. The Director of Leisure Services, in consultation with the Town Clerk, will follow up on this,” Tilley told Council.

On the communications end of things, the Town will be implementing the community based communications system known as Synervoice.  

Those with children in school would already be familiar with the program, as it is often used to update parents on school activities.

The Town would be using the program to keep residents updated on all aspects of the community.