Clarenville welcomes first baby of 2016

Violet Patience is a little miracle for Dora Leigh and Jimmy Eddy

Barbara Dean-Simmons
Published on January 8, 2016

Dora Leigh and Jimmy Eddy figure they just might have to build more closet space in their Clarenville home.

In the small hospital room where they were packing up today to prepare to take their new daughter home, it was obvious their first child will have no shortage of new clothes to wear.

Baby outfits in all shades of pink had already filled up the space on the small rack near the bed and tiny Violet Patience, born 4:31 p.m. on Jan. 5 and weighing in at 6 lbs, 15 oz, was looking very fashionable in a bright red top and blue jeans with a white headband adding an extra touch of cute.

For the Eddys, Violet Patience is the answer to a longtime dream to have a baby.

“We waited a long time for her,” says Mom Dora Leigh, adding the moments after Violet’s arrival at the Clarenville hospital were “very emotional.”

The couple had been trying for several years to get pregnant, turning to medical interventions for help.

“We had five rounds of fertility treatments and three artificial inseminations, and nothing worked,” explains Dora Leigh.

While her husband never gave up hope they would eventually have a child, Dora Leigh says she didn’t share the same optimism.

When the last artificial insemination procedure, in 2011, failed, Dora Leigh says she figured she would never have a child of their own.

In 2009 they helped raise a young child, serving as respite foster parents for an infant boy, caring for him four hours a day.

“He came here when he was six days old and he left us just before his first birthday.”

It was tough to see him go, she says, and after that experience the Eddys decided to pursue adoption.

They’ve been on the waiting list since 2010.

Then in 2015, after giving up medical interventions, and hope, Dora Leigh realized she was pregnant. At first, she thought the weight gain was simply due to the fact that she had taken a liking to banana splits, she joked.

“I started to gain weight in my belly quite fast . . . but (other than the banana splits in her diet) couldn’t understand why I was getting bigger.”

In fact, she had been pregnant for about six weeks before she discovered the reason for her rapid weight gain.

The Eddys didn’t waste a lot of time telling family and friends the news.

“We didn’t even wait a day,” says Dora Leigh. “That was quite a day.”

Perhaps the only match to the emotion of the day she realized she was pregnant, was the day Violet was born.

Dad Jimmy was in the delivery room for the arrival and when asked how he felt the moment he saw her, couldn’t find the words to describe it.

“It’s hard to explain,” he says. “It was just amazing.”

Dora Leigh says while they both had nine months to prepare and get used to the idea of being first-time parents, it still didn’t seem real until Violet was born.

“I don’t think it really sunk in that this was real until I saw her,” she says.

The pregnancy went smoothly, she added, and while some expectant parents choose to use ultrasound to learn the sex of their unborn child, the Eddys decided to go ‘old school’ and wait for the day of birth.

Throughout the pregnancy, says Dora Leigh, they were convinced it was a boy.

“So it was a bit of a surprise when the doctor said it was a girl,” says Dora Leigh.

“Jimmy always felt we would have our own child someday,” says Dora Leigh, adding that after all the years, and the medical interventions, the pregnancy that came naturally and the Violet’s birth “literally is a miracle.”

And in a story that seems to be one amazing event after another, the Eddys had another bit of amazing news in December.

“On Dec. 2 we got the call that we were ready for them to start processing the adoption,” she said.

The Eddys application for adoption is still open, but because their family situation has changed, they have to wait a year before making the decision on whether or not to go ahead with it.

Dora Leigh says that’s something she and Jimmy will discuss. For now, though, they are simply enjoying getting used to Violet and being parents.

Violet is not only the first child for the Eddys, but she’s the first grandchild for Dora’s parents, Vida and John Fiander of North Harbour. She is also welcomed by Jimmy’s parents, Bruce and Margaret Eddy, also of North Harbour.

Dora Leigh and Jimmy grew up together in the small Placentia Bay community and for the past nine years have made their home in Clarenville, a home that now includes lots of pink outfits and a growing collection of things for little girls.

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