Clarenville man spots UFO over Random Island

Chad Haines captures photo of strange object in the sky

Jonathan Parsons
Published on December 29, 2016

A magnified view of Chad Haines' photo.

©Photo courtesy of Chad Haines

CLARENVILLE, NL — Chad Haines says he’s the last person who might believe in aliens, extraterrestrials or UFOs.

But after witnessing an unidentified flying craft near his house early in 2016, he can’t explain what else it could’ve been.

While deleting some images off his camera this past week to make space in preparation for Christmas morning, Haines stumbled upon some photos he took the night of Feb. 23, 2016, from his Bayview Road home.

Reviewing the photos once more, he still couldn’t find a rational explanation for what he saw in the sky.

The original, unaltered version of the photo of the unidentified flying object taken on Feb. 23, 2016.

©Photo courtesy of Chad Haines

From the street, looking across the water toward Random Island, Haines saw a hovering object near the moon.

“It was out there for two or three hours,” Haines told TC Media today.

He says, after staying in the same spot, the object moved up and down and shot off out of sight quickly.

Haines was able to capture some photos on his camera of the unidentified flying object appearing over the water.

There were no stars in the sky that night, he says.

He says it wasn’t a plane and it was far too big to be a drone.

Like others, Haines has seen videos and reports of strange sounds, beams of light and other phenomena, but says anything could have made those effects.

Chad Haines standing where he saw a strange object in the sky on Bayview Road.
Jonathan Parsons/TC Media

But now, after witnessing and capturing an image himself, he’s unsure about the existence of the unexplained.

“I couldn’t believe it,” he said of his experience.

This isn’t the first time people have reported UFOs over Random Island.

In October, 1978, RCMP Const. Jim Blackwood was one of dozens of locals who spotted what they believed to be a UFO hovering over Random Island.


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For several years following the sighting, UFOs were all the rage in the Clarenville area. Local businesses offered alien-themed sales and even an old-timers hockey team called themselves the “Clarenville UFOs”.

While Haines says his initial thoughts prior to his sighting come from a place of skepticism, he says he’ll be sure to look up on Feb. 23, 2017, to see what he can see.

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Another shot of a strange object in the same place in the sky.

©Photo courtesy of Chad Haines