Charlie and Muriel Hart are still in love after 70 years

Published on February 12, 2016

A love that began 'at first sight' has stood the test of time.

Those who don’t believe in love at first sight haven’t met Muriel and Charlie Hart.

Charlie is from Catalina. Muriel is from Glovertown.

The couple met at Alexander Bay Railway Station, east of Gambo. Charlie was the station’s night operator. Muriel was buying a ticket to Gambo.

“She came in and I sold her the ticket. I looked at her and I thought, ‘You ain’t going to get away from me,’” Charlie chuckled as he affectionately placed his hand on Muriel’s arm.

Muriel and Charlie celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary on Jan. 30.

The couple lived in Gambo for about two years before settling in Clarenville where they lived for 37 years.

“Of all the places we’ve been, we really loved living in Clarenville,” Muriel said referring to the town where they were active citizens and where they raised their son Jim and their daughter Pauline (Stanford).

While living in Clarenville, Charlie volunteered with local service clubs and the air cadets. He also served on council and was a founding member of the committees struck to build the hospital as well as the Anglican Church.

Muriel also found ways to contribute to her community and often tended to the sick.

Charlie spent his entire career working as a telegraph operator for the railway. Muriel worked in retail in Clarenville for more than two decades.

The couple moved from Clarenville to the St. John’s area in 1984. They live in a comfortable home at Masonic Park Cottages in Mount Pearl near shopping centres, supermarkets and the province’s major hospitals.

Muriel is now 89 and Charlie – who still drives his own car – is 93.

As they sit next to each other on their sofa, the love between Muriel and Charlie is as evident as the pictures of their children, grandchildren and great-grandchild on the wall.

“In all the 70 years that we’ve been married we’ve never, ever went to bed mad at each other. And we’re always there for each other,” Muriel said when asked the secret to a long and happy marriage.

“And whenever I went to work, before I’d go out the door, I’d give her a kiss, no matter what went on, and I’d say ‘I love you,’” Charlie added.