Businesses and community groups honoured with Clarenville Chamber Awards

Published on February 25, 2016
Colin Holloway, chair of Clarenville Habitat for Humanity, Dr. Martha Sweeting of Community Veternary Hospital Inc. and Arthur Taylor, Regional Manager of Eastlink.
Kevin Curley

A veterinarian, a communications company and a community group were honoured tonight with awards from the Clarenville and Area Chamber of Commerce.

Dr. Martha Sweeting and her Community Veterinary Hospital Inc. accepted the Small Business of the Year Award.

Dr. Sweeting started the business in 1995 as a mobile clinic from Trinity, Trinity Bay, and turned it into a storefront operation in 1996 in Clarenville.

Over the past 20 years, Dr. Sweeting’s very small veterinary practice has grown from a basic practice that employed herself and one other employee to a thriving business that employs seven people full-time and two part-time, with plans to expand.

The Business of the Year Award went to Eastlink, a communications company that began as a family-owned, Newfoundland-based enterprise 45 years ago supply cable TV service, and now operates throughout Atlantic Canada, providing telephone, Internet and TV services.

In the Clarenville area, Eastlink is the title sponsor of the Clarenville Events Centre, and supports and sponsors serval charitable and community events.

The Community Cares Award, designed to recognize an individual or a community support group that exemplifies outstanding Community Service, went Habitat for Humanity – Clarenville.

During 2014 and 15 the group worked to build a duplex to provide affordable housing to two families in the area. The build was accomplished by a volunteer board of directors, working with corporate partner, the College of the North Atlantic Clarenville campus  and local volunteers.

Members of the committee were: Alicia Norris, Colin Holloway, Maisie Caines, Donna Maloney-Brown, Adrienne Goodman, Marilyn Green, Tracey Coady, Paul Roberts and Paul Goodman.

This year the Community Cares Award award also took on a new name.

From now on, it will be known as the Corwin Mills Community Cares Award, recognizing the late Corwin Mills, Clarenville lawyer who dedicated numerous hours of his time to volunteer work.

Dr. Martha Sweeting told the Packet she was shocked to get the award.

“I don’t run the business along, I have lots of help. My husband is an employee, he does a lot; I just try to be there and provide a service. I think it’s really a group award,” Sweeting told The Packet.

Sweeting says her business is active with the SPCA and Feral Felines and tries to help as much as they can.

“We try to make things affordable for the majority of the people by doing discount months to try and capture people that can’t pay the regular fees,” says Sweeting.

Arthur Taylor, Regional Manager of Eastlink said it was an honour to win the award.

“We are involved the community as title sponsor of the Events Centre and we also broadcast the HealthCare Telethon every year and we have local TV bingo that raises money for local charities,” says Taylor.

Colin Holloway, chair of Habitat for Humanity, says the group didn’t do it for the awards, but rather to help the people of the community.

“For myself and others that came on board, it was about doing something this community could be proud of. This award is not just for Habitat For Humanity Clarenville, it’s for the entire community,” says Holloway.