Clarenville woman finds near hypothermic man behind home

Close call for elderly man found near Marina

Kevin Curley
Published on February 26, 2016

Sheena Howse stands on the property next to her apartment where she found a man crying out for help on Marine Drive. Howse heard the cries from her apartment (shown in the background).

Kevin Curley

A Clarenville woman who found an elderly man bleeding, semi conscious and possibly hypothermic, attributes being in the right place at the right time to saving the man’s life.

Sheena Howse had just returned home from the closing ceremonies of Winter Carnival in Clarenville, a walk so cold she had to duck into local businesses twice to warm up, when she heard a strange noise while letting out her cat.

The noise was coming from beyond a fence adjacent to her apartment on Marine Drive.

“I heard a voice saying ‘cover me up I’m cold,’ and occasionally there was a ‘help’ in there,” Howse told The Packet.

Not recognizing the voice she went to investigate. She wasn’t able to spot the man because of the way the fence bordering her property is situated.

She jumped the fence and immediately saw a heavyset man she thought to be in his 70s, on the ground and bleeding.

She called to her mother asking to call an ambulance while she assessed the situation.

“I noticed his socks were off, he had no jacket, and the blood was coming from a cut on his elbow. I calmed down at that point because I knew it probably wasn’t life threatening,” says Howse.

Howse retrieved a blanket to cover the man and waited for the paramedics to arrive.

While the response time was quick, in the matter of minutes it took for the paramedics arrive, the man stopped talking and Howse knew he was in need of help.

“I’ve taken first aid so I know what was happening to him,” she says.

When the paramedics arrived, she walked him through the backyard and directed them how to carry the man around the fence to get back out to the street.

She says the paramedics noted that his face was blue and his feet appeared frost bitten.

“From what I gather they were happy they found him when they did, he was very cold. I remember one paramedic said the core was still warm. You couldn’t tell what was frostbitten on his arms because of the blood, but his feet were noticeably frost bitten,” she says.

The man was placed on the gurney and taken away by the paramedics.

Howse didn’t hear anything more on his condition, as the police were not on scene, no press release was released.

Seeing as she doesn’t know the identity of the man, she is hoping someone will come forward with information on his well-being.