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Clarenville releases roadwork list for capital works funding

Taverner Place is one of the roads on the list for upgrades by the Town of Clarenville.
Taverner Place is one of the roads on the list for upgrades by the Town of Clarenville.

The Town of Clarenville held what was called an emergency meeting Wednesday morning to approve their capital works funding application list.

The deadline is this Friday, April 21.
Coun. Heber Smith presented two motions, which were passed, approving the town’s infrastructure funding and the Building Canada fund applications.
In the provincial multi-year building fund, the town accepted an offered total of about $3.6 million.
The town also applied to the federal Building Canada fund, for about $4 million, but there is no guarantee of receiving that amount.
“They might give us a portion of it, they may give us none of that,” said town clerk Angela Giles. “So that one’s more questionable than the multi-year.”
Council agreed that the list of roadwork may need to be changed depending on what funding is ultimately approved by Ottawa.
“The biggest thing with the Building Canada fund is that’s determined (by) the maximum we want to borrow, basically,” said Coun. Smith. “The maximum we want to receive could be less.”
Giles also says the Building Canada fund is a federal program, but the province contributes about 45 to 47 per cent. Funding approval depends on both the federal and provincial governments.
“Basically, what the federal government puts in, reduces the provincial component, not our component,” she said.
“The likelihood, or the unlikelihood, of getting funds from the Building Canada fund will alter some of the decisions that we will need to make on the other aspects of our multi-year capital works project,” added Mayor Frazer Russell, who joined the meeting via phone conference.
While the town announced which areas they plan to address, don’t expect the specified roadwork to start this year.
Director of external operations Rick Wells says the plan is for the design stage to start this year, with actual work beginning in 2018.
Giles reiterated it may be late summer or fall before the town receives official confirmation of the funding for which they applied.
The town is also preparing to contact both offices involved with the funding to stress the importance of getting the roadwork in these areas completed.
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List of roadwork and funding amounts in capital works application list

2017-2020 Building fund
Town of Clarenville applied to accept provincial funding of $3,639,613.
This funding will be used for upgrades to:
• Cormack Drive, phase two;
• Prince Street;
• and Taverner Place.
This work will cost a total of $5,016,909, including rebate-eligible HST. The town’s share of $909,803 will be borrowed from CIBC.

The Building Canada fund
Town of Clarenville also approved to apply for $4,078,520 in funding through the Building Canada small communities fund.
This funding is set to be used for upgrades to:
• Lori Ann Place;
• Balsom Street;
• Cormack Drive, phase three;
• Random Crescent;
• Summerville Heights;
• and Gilbert Street.
This work is expected to cost $5,621,916, including rebatable HST. The town’s share of $1,019,629 will be borrowed from CIBC.

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