Workers laid off from Muskrat Falls

Pennecon said workforce may increase again in the spring

Published on February 16, 2017

Over 200 workers were laid off on the Muskrat Falls site on Feb. 10. The contractor, Pennecon, said they may ramp back up again in the spring.

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Over 200 workers at the Muskrat Falls site were sent home on Feb. 3 and only 80 of them are going back for the time being.

The workers are on site with Pennecon, a sub-contractor of GE Grid, and Sarah Constantine, Corporate Communications Manager for Pennecon, told TC the layoffs are due to new ‘execution priorities’ from GE due to extreme weather conditions at the site.

“These new priorities seek to maximize productivity and deliver best value by reducing work during the harsh winter months, and resuming a full workload when conditions improve in the spring/summer of 2017,” Constantine said.

She said they expect the workforce to increase again in the spring and employees received notification in accordance with their collective agreement.

“This is a large and dynamic project and it isn’t unusual to have to take the time to clarify work scope and ensure that our workforce is efficient with the project needs and we’re all on the same page when it comes to execution priorities,” Constantine said to TC when the workers were sent home on Feb. 3. “So that’s what we’re doing, taking a step back, high-level big-picture conversations.”