Herder 2017 ends with controversy

Caribous say officials should not have allowed third-period CeeBees goal

Published on April 2, 2017

Jason Churchill argues with officials over a controversial goal call in the third period of the Herder game five.

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Jason Churchill was visibly upset.

“That ref stole (from) us a Herder, right there,” said the irate Clarenville Ford Caribous goaltender after Sunday afternoon’s game five 4-3 loss to the HGOE CeeBee Stars.

A screenshot of the puck which allegedly went in through the side of the net, but was called a goal.

Churchill told TC Media the game-winning goal, scored by CeeBee Kenny King with only minutes remaining in the game, actually went underneath the back of the net and should have been disallowed.

“There’s no question in my mind that puck went under the net,” said Churchill.

A video posted by Ryan Harding on Twitter (@RyanHardingNL) appears to prove it.

The video clearly shows the puck passing underneath the side of the goal and not through the crease.

“What really irritates me — I know it’s a tough game to call and they miss calls and I 100 per cent have the refs back — but a blatant call like that? And then they look me in the eye and say 100 per cent that it never went underneath the net, that’s what hurts me the most,” said Churchill.

Churchill says if he knows of a way to protest the result of the game, he would.


Caribous coach calls late game call “unfortunate”


Rebecca Russell yelled at the referees during handshakes with the CeeBees.
Jonathan Parsons/TC Media

While many of the Caribous’ players and fans were incensed at the officials’ call over the CeeBees’ fourth goal, perhaps none were as visibly frustrated as Caribous head coach Rebecca Russell.

“Our boys gave it their hearts and souls and to lose on a goal that shouldn’t have counted … it’s a hard pill to swallow,” Russell told TC Media after the game.

She said while she has great respect for the CeeBee Stars, thanks to the circumstances of the game’s final score, the best team didn’t win the contest.

“It is what it is. We knew we were fighting against not only their team but . . . the referees too.”

Russell says, while the Caribous deserved to win the Herder, she looks at this past season through a positive lens overall and thanked her players for everything they’ve done throughout the year.

“It’s just sad and unfortunate it had to end this way.”


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