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Changes on board for Random Age-Friendly

John Pickett and Ed Noseworthy.
John Pickett and Ed Noseworthy. - Contributed

For over 11 years, the Random Age-Friendly Communities organization has been guided by the steady hands of its board.

There are currently 13 directors representing members from the many partners involved with CREST (Clarenville Region Extended Seniors’ Transportation).

They are Larry Reid, chairperson; Leo Bonnell, vice-chairperson/assistants’ chairperson; Sandra Fisher, communications; Pat Osmond, bookings chairperson; Lloyd Currie, Bell Aliant Pioneers; Adrian Power, Clarenville Lions Club; Bill Meadus, Royal Canadian Legion; Maisie Caines, education; Marjorie Sparkes, seniors’ groups, Paul Tilley, Town of Clarenville; and David Harris, Town of Clarenville;

They generously give of their time, wisdom, and energy to help us set a course and stay on track.

Active in their own organizations and in touch with the changing wants and needs of the citizens of Clarenville and surrounding areas, they also help us stay grounded with the people we serve — seniors and mobility challenged.

Recently, two positions became available with the resignation of Catherine Squires, finance chair and Dennis Squires, drivers’ chairperson. 

The board thanks Catherine and Dennis for the tremendous effort that they have put in — Catherine for 11 years and Dennis for five. Both were presented with a plaque thanking them for their outstanding service. Catherine continues to volunteer as a driver with CREST.

We are proud to introduce our newly appointed finance chair, John Pickett and drivers’ chairperson, Ed Noseworthy.

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