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Labrador West Pioneer Peter Reccord

Peter Reccord
Peter Reccord - Gary Shaw

There are few among us in Labrador West who would not recognize the big smile and big hat that we see when we run into Peter Reccord.

He has been a steady as she goes presence in our community of Labrador West for a very long time.

Peter arrived in Labrador West in August of 1964 from Victoria Cove, Gander Bay. He had been living in the basement at home and working for his Dad. He went to St. John’s and was hired for a job at IOC.

On his arrival he joined 1,200 young people at the bunkhouses with the hopes of a good paying job and a successful future. It must have worked out OK, Peter is still here.

Peter met Shirley, his wife to be, in 1965 and they celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in Labrador West last summer. It was a time in the beginning when the community was growing and so too, the young families that came with that growth. There were no roads in or out in those early years and they had to make their own fun within the boundaries of the community that made up Labrador West.

Peter and Shirley were part of a group of 12-15 couples who shared social gatherings by taking turns at each other’s homes. Each couple would shove the furniture back and make room for everyone to gather for the party and take their turns being the host. Speakers were set up, the music would be played, and the food, drink, and the social gathering would be in full swing. These folks worked together, socialized together and supported their community together.

Peter and Shirley raised their family together as well. They were blessed with three children, two boys and a girl. They have today, as adults, one in Labrador West, one in Churchill Falls and one in Montreal. Along with this they have a total of seven grandchildren to bless their lives.

Peter left IOC in 1975 to work for Target Taxi as a manager. He was there until 1976 and then went to industrial sales until 1983. In 1983 Peter went to work at the hospital in environmental services where he stayed until his retirement in 1999.

Peter’s philosophy in serving his community is what most of us know him best for. He sees his family as a family of the community and his involvement and efforts for, and within the community, in his view, is greater than himself.

He was involved in the early years with the outside rink that was beside the L.C.C. School. His volunteer efforts with the teen dances, the ball league and hockey were all initiatives that Peter gave his time and efforts too.

He has been engaged in coaching, refereeing, program organization and has given his time as president of the minor hockey association.

Peter also sat as a member of the school board and served as the chair of the board as well. He was also very involved in the drama festival as a volunteer and organizer for many years.

Peter also gave directly to the Town of Labrador City in the municipal arena as a councillor for 12 years. He served three full terms on council as well as being deputy mayor. He was involved in many important files including the landfill and budget files that were often challenging efforts. Peter was always known as the voice of reason and sober second thought at the council chamber table.

In the final analysis of Peter and his family’s years in Labrador West, there is little doubt that he has given a multi-dimension collection of gifts to our community for all of these years. We have been very fortunate in having him at so many different tables representing what has been best for our community.

As always, the final question to Peter, do you have any regrets in the twists of fate that has given you all of these years in Labrador West. It was a short and quick answer, not one.       

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