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Music and Friends gives back to community

Music and Friends organizer Maureen Howard called their weekly summer fundraiser open mic “pretty amazing.” And at the finale of the 13th season on Aug. 29, the support and funds raised have been certainly that. The final performance of the year had spectators filled the Lions Club to see a whopping 29 performers.

“Every penny we’ve ever taken in goes right back out,” she said.

This season they presented funds to:

• $2,000 for scholarships to Bishop White School;

• $2,000 for the Discovery Health Care Foundation for mental health services;

• $2,000 for the Bonavista Dialysis Committee;

• $1,500 for the Autism Society of NL;

• $1,500 for the Ronald McDonald House;

• $500 for the SPCA;

• and $500 for the Lions Club.

Secretary-treasurer Bernice Vokey announced they had raised almost $10,000 this year, with over $1,800 on the final night alone, and $120,000 total since the event’s inception.

Pictured are, left to right: Carrine House and Stephanie Gould of Bishop White; Howard and Vokey; as just one of the many presentations.

Check out all the photos above of the last night of the season.

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