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Open invitation to craft producers and artisans to participate in third annual Cultural Craft Festival

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4 p.m., Nov. 13
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The third annual Cultural Craft Festival will take place Aug. 24-25. 123RF Stock photo - Contributed


The Cultural Craft Group is a collective group of non-profit tourism partners who have worked at promoting the culture and craft Industry since 2014. 

In addition to highlighting the province's best craft products and artisans in their retail space(s), the group has delivered cultural experiences for the tourist marketplace for the past several years; the most successful being the Cultural Craft Festival.   

"Crafts preserve and interpret our culture while at the same time enhance the visitors experience,” said event planner Cyndy Stead. “Purchasing craft is a special reminder of a memorable visit.

“With so much to do on the Bonavista Peninsula, scheduling time to visit all the studios, sites and shops can be difficult. This festival was designed to provide our summer tourists the perfect opportunity to meet many of the creators all under the one roof." 

There is an open invitation to craft producers and artisans to participate on the last weekend, Aug. 24-25, in the third annual Cultural Craft Festival at the Coaker Factory in Port Union, located in the town of Trinity Bay North. (Visit for site details).

The Cultural Craft Festival 2019 coincides with the Bonavista Biennale. While the festival has a street-like atmosphere, it is held indoors over three three floors in a historic building, in a heritage district heralded as the "Only Union Built Town in North America". 

"It's quite a unique and beautiful building and the perfect location for this kind of event,” Stead said.

The organizers are open to partnerships and are seeking artisans from all mediums as well as musicians, food vendors, craft demonstrations and experiences to ensure they deliver a true festival experience.  With this being said, the priority focus will continue to be on the promotion of quality craft/art and is designed so all visitors can interact one-on-one with the makers.

"It's always a great experience when artisans and consumers meet,” said Stead. "Many of the past vendors don't get any exposure via studios. Owning your own business and running a studio may not be for every artisan. Some just want to create. 

“This festival allows artisans a chance to see who is buying their product. It is also a great way for young interns and up-coming artisans to get a feel for the tourism marketplace. “

Vendor or demonstration/performance applications are available online

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