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Sharing in the spirit of the season

Employees at Icewater Seafoods sponsor family for Christmas


A group of employees at the Icewater Seafoods plant in Arnold’s Cove have taken it upon themselves to give a family a Christmas to remember.

The second and third shift workers are sponsoring a family for Christmas.

The group reached out to the local Salvation Army, who, with the help of an area social worker, selected a family in need the group could sponsor.

Employees themselves don’t know what family was chosen, but in the spirit of giving, that matters little.

“We will not know who this family is, but on Christmas morning a part of us will be thinking of them all, with a smile on our face to match the excitement on their little faces,” said plant worker Shirley Clarke.

The group of workers were given a “wish list” of what the four children in the family had requested for Christmas, including everything from dolls to Legos to makeup to Peppa Pig, a toy work bench and winter clothing.

“What a pleasure it will be to give a family in need a Christmas to remember.”

— Shirley Clarke.

The group of about 50 co-workers and friends raised $1,605 in three weeks.

They topped off the kids’ wish list, and were able to buy some additional stocking stuffers, gifts for the single parent, and a food hamper.

“What a pleasure it will be to give a family in need a Christmas to remember,” said Clarke.

She says the employees hope to make this a yearly tradition.

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