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The Food Dude — Mistake and eggs

Hangry Man’s Breakfast
Hangry Man’s Breakfast - Terry Bursey

To be honest, as I type this I’m a bit dismayed. This would mark the eighth article I’ve written that tells a tale of failure.

Granted, cooking is wrought with opportunities for mistakes and each mistake is a lesson learned, but still… eight? (Sigh) Well, this mistake article has a silver lining I suppose. Like many culinary mess-ups, this dish began with intent for something completely different; yet ended up being an awesome new discovery.

Bacon wrapped beef roast was the item on the agenda when I was a near-sighted 14 year old. I hadn’t worked with bacon all that much and still considered it to be primarily a mediocre breakfast food (so naïve). The roast however, was lean enough that it was sure to be dry and I wanted to discover if the grease from the bacon could perforate the beef and insulate it to lock in moisture. Yeah, I know – I was that much of a food geek.

With my ingredients gathered (or so I thought) I first prepared an acidic marinade. It was a recipe from earlier that year I came up with using lemon juice and other acids to tenderize beef. I would later learn that I had accidently used a lighter coloured orange juice that day instead of lemon; unintentionally adding a hint of orange flavour.

The following afternoon I retrieved two of my roast halves (or so I thought) from the refrigerated marinade and began wrapping them in bacon. I knew that something was off by the texture but ignored it, thinking that it was the result of my marinade and nothing more.  When I began searing the bacon onto the meat in a pan however, it became clear what was wrong. I had accidently marinated two of my father’s steaks instead of the roast halves.

I was understandably mad but I was also hungry, resulting in a quick brainstorm as to how to turn my mistake into something good. My oven was still preheated so I could grill the steaks in the pan after searing them and then hold them in the oven to make a side of eggs for a bacon wrapped steak and eggs brunch.

The result of this brainstorming was:

Hangry Man’s Breakfast

2 thick-cut 8oz sirloin steaks

1 cup of original bbq sauce

1 cup orange juice

¼ cup pineapple juice

¼ cup Worcestershire sauce

2 tbsp. Montréal steak spice

1 tbsp. rosemary

6 rashers of maple bacon

4 eggs

1 cup spinach leaves


Mix all spices, juices and sauces in a large container for the marinade. Immerse steaks and refrigerate for 24 hours. Wrap each steak in bacon, securing on the side with a skewer. Preheat oven to 400 F. and heat a large cast iron pan on high. Sear each side and end of the steak and reduce heat by half. Continue to cook the steaks for 5 minutes on each side or until desired doneness is reached. Place in oven on a parchment paper lined baking sheet for five minutes before turning off. In a separate pan, fry your eggs to desired doneness and plate. Sweat your spinach in a dash of orange juice while in the same pan that cooked your eggs for five minutes. Remove steaks from oven. Plate all and serve.

I was actually very pleased with the results. While eating, I deduced about the juice mistake from the hint of orange and when the self-chastising ended, I beamed at the thought that I accidently created a fitting marinade for breakfast steak. The steak itself was perfectly medium, just how I liked it at the time and the bacon added an incredible added crisp to the tender meat. I highly recommend trying this out at home for yourselves and don’t worry – if you make a mistake, chances are it might turn out to be a success.

Happy Mistakes!

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