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Arnold’s Cove man facing theft, assault, fraud charges


Bail hearing scheduled for Thursday




An Arnold’s Cove man is facing charges of fraud, possessing stolen property, theft, failure to comply with conditions and assault.

Travis Rodway, 28, was charged for allegedly using stolen debit and Visa cards in March of 2018. He also faces two charges of theft (including the alleged theft of a saw from Clarenville Canadian Tire) and a charge of breaking a condition of his recognizance by allegedly not informing RCMP of a change in address in April of 2018.

Furthermore, he is facing two charges of allegedly defrauding the Clarenville Scotiabank on May 9, a charge of allegedly stealing various tools, household items, and jewelry from a Come by Chance woman between Aug. 15-21, a charge of allegedly stealing gas from Clarenville Esso on Aug. 28 and a charge of allegedly assaulting an individual in Clarenville on Aug. 18.

Rodway is accused of possessing stolen items, including an ATV, washer and dryer set, Yamaha generator and Champion generator. He is also charged with allegedly breaking into a barn in Ship Cove on Aug. 31.

Furthermore, Rodway faces two more charges for allegedly breaching conditions of his recognizance, by allegedly not residing at a Come by Chance residence and allegedly not appearing at Clarenville RCMP for photography and fingerprinting following a release from police custody (charges are dated Sept. 4 and 5 respectively.)

Court documents show that since March of 2018, Rodway has lived in Arnold’s Cove, Come by Chance, and Clarenville, with his most recent place of residence being in Arnolds Cove (though he was to be residing in Come by Chance according to the conditions of his release.)

Rodway is scheduled for a bail hearing Thursday, Sept. 13.

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