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Detailed design tender awarded for new Clarenville fire hall

A graphic by Fougere-Menchenton representing what the new fire hall could look like.
A graphic by Fougere-Menchenton representing what the new fire hall could look like. - Image courtesy of Town of Clarenville

Fougere-Menchenton will do the building’s plan




Clarenville council is still working with government on the next steps to make a new fire hall in the town a reality.

According to Clarenville chief operating officer David Harris, the province’s department of Municipal Affairs and Environment were the ones who issued a request for proposals for a detailed design for the building.

He says, since they are partially funding the project, it’s part of the new procurement act for the department to issue the call for tenders.

The tender was awarded to Fougere-Menchenton, who also provided the preliminary design of the building.

Harris says they will now draft a contract to send to municipal affairs for approval. Once that is approved, council will vote on a motion to start the actual detailed design.

In December 2017, the town began the process for the new hall, with a site chosen for the six-truck facility at O’Mahony Drive, behind Walmart.

Now, in order to continue, they will need to have provincial funding approved.

“Our hope was to have the detailed design done and have a pre-tender cost and design in to government for funding assistance—we were hoping for 2019, but I guess that remains to be seen,” Harris told The Packet.

The funding formula, in all likelihood would be through some sort of capital works funding—a 60-40 percentage split with the province.

Harris adds, however, if the fire building has a possibility of being named a regional facility, serving other areas, it could be a 70-30 cost share.

“There’s no talks of that right now, so our best-case scenario is 60-30 right now.”

He says having this work done ahead of time is two-fold—the detailed design shows what the pre-tender costs will be and then this accurate number will be able to be more closely tied to a sum of money that could be allotted for the funding.

Clarenville Mayor Frazer Russell says the work was awarded by a committee consisting of people from municipal affairs and the town after evaluating three different proposals.

Now, he says he hopes the actual funding announcement from the government will come in 2019.

Harris says municipal affairs will need to approve the “prime consultant agreement” for them to continue on with the project.

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