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Graffiti welcome

People weren’t just feeding their stomachs on this year’s Roots, Rants and Roars Food Hike — they were also involved in entertainment and creative art in a hands-on way.

A hiker adds his touch to the Bobbi Pike painting during the Roots, Rants and Roars Food Festival, held in Elliston this past weekend.

The arts community was represented in full force with music and artists at the park and at each station. Arthur O’Brien, Fred Jorgensen, Jim Payne and Fergus O’Byrne were just some of the musicians serenading the crowds and occasionally indulging in some treats while they played.

Also, painter Bobbi Pike presented an interesting opportunity with one of her pieces of art.

Pike generously donated one of her paintings to be doodled on by all of the hikers and to be auctioned off afterwards. The painting is of Elliston itself.

The painting amassed many unusual drawings from trees, puffins and even a dinosaur, all of which added some charm to the root cellar dotted Bird Island landscape.

“This is the very first time that I’ve done (this),” said Pike. “The funny thing is, I get a lot of people asking me, ‘Can you teach me how to paint?’ and I always say ‘No’ because I don’t know how to teach them. But here I am, feet first, and we’re having a ball here today.

“I thought it was going to bother me at first,” she added. “But it’s amazing. It’s incredible to see something that you’ve done to have all these people add to it. It really gives it a special flavour, I think.”

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