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Keeping history alive: Brinston family donates land to Arnold’s Cove Heritage Foundation


A special ceremony in Arnold’s Cove saw a parcel of land, teeming with history presented in a way to ensure a family is never forgotten in the community.

On Saturday, July 27, the descendants of the Brinston family cut the ribbon on the land of Eli Brinston and Elizabeth (Guy), to be used by the local Heritage Foundation.

In attendance were family members, residents, Mayor Basil Daley and representatives from the Heritage Foundation to unveil the Brinston land, complete with information panels, the old well on the property and an axe sharpener.

In 2016, the process began for the donation of the land, with the Heritage Foundation receiving the deed in 2017.

The land was originally unfenced and boggy but was developed into an area to stop for a rest, have a chat and learn about some local history.

“To the family, we say thank you for the donation of this land, a spot that holds many memories for you as a family,” said Heritage Foundation representative Helen Guy at the ceremony.

Family member Glenys Pye spoke to the crowd, on behalf of the Brinstons.

She spoke of Eli Brinston, a first generation of Brinstons born in Arnold’s Cove and the history of the family.

The descendants of the family still exist today, both in Arnold’s Cove and moved away to other areas.

Also in attendance was Jessie Wareham, Arnold’s Cove’s eldest resident who is also a member of the Brinston family and cut the ribbon on the new area.

Edna Penney, representing both the town and the Brinston family brought many historic photos to a lunch gathering at the community centre.

“We like to see things done to keep our history alive not only in old Arnold’s Cove but also the resettlement that came in—with 50 years gone by now,” said Penney.

Pye summed it up with a quote, “In order to know the present, you have to understand the past.”

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