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Fortune Fire Department in need of new water pump

Fortune Town Hall
Fortune Town Hall - Colin Farrell

Town agrees to assist fire department with replacement of necessary equipment


The Town of Fortune has voted in favor of assisting the local volunteer fire department replace a vital piece of their equipment that has given out and carries with it a large repair bill.

During a regular meeting of council held Monday, Jan. 14, Fire Chief Paul Peach told members of the Fortune Town Council that the departments 31 horsepower pump was out of commission.

“To get her fixed it’s going to be anywhere from $3,500 to $4,500,” explained Peach. “They do not make that pump no more, so if the engine goes, she’s gone.”

Peach noted he had looked into the cost of purchasing a new pump with prices ranging between $8,000-$9,000.

He added that because of the elevation in some of the areas under their fire protection, the department would be best served by a 30 horsepower pump with a price tag of $8,995.

Peach said the department would be able to contribute $5,000 collected through the departments fundraising efforts toward the purchase of the pump.

“If that’s the case I think we can find a way to come up with the rest,” assured Mayor Charles Penwell.

Council voted in favor of applying to try to get the additional funding for the pump through the gas tax credit under disaster relief.

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