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DAVE WHITE: Family ties and country calendars bind the years

Dave White
Dave White - SaltWire Network

Notable bronze, silver and golden family wedding anniversaries in McIvers this month, and Little Sister’s annual Lucky 13 celebration next month, all offering to keep it that much livelier than much longer. Lively, a good name for it, too. Happiest of memories, all!

Add more chances to gather, another extended Bay of Islands family wedding in the open air this Saturday Sabbath at Bartlett’s Point, some rock-rattling McIvers melodies next weekend, fresh sea breezes on muggy July afternoons, cooling hot August nightcaps relaxing at home by the beautiful bay shore, and summer life gets not much better. Recreating. Let it be.

Meanwhile, the third fishing holiday weekend of summer may prove to be no happier than the second was for those wanting to take part in the residential and recreational groundfishery. High winds and matching seas cloud the three-day forecast again this weekend

The presence of inshore caplin made for good cod fishing as the food fishery opened June 30.

Fishing was risky at times for those who cared to try it last weekend, though no serious incidents were reported, nor was much cod reported caught, nor ocean perch, nor yellowtail flounder.

Among those who felt compelled to stay off the swollen sea, some argued that a wholly-open tag fishery would be better for everybody involved than the brokered weekend regimen being pursued under Fisheries regulation this year. A longer opening can mitigate lost wind days, as tags lessen any likely over-fishing impact on inshore cod stock.

Seven long weekends remain in the 2018 summer recreational groundfish season after this one.

Halibut, seen swelling in number on the outer bay last week, is a groundfish that must be released alive if hooked by any participant in the unlicensed sport fishery. Commercial harvesters hold restricted quotas on halibut. Fisheries wardens keep vigil on ocean resources through the season.

Ashore, Western Waste Management specialists may certainly have some sorting out to do as homeowners ponder their options for personally handling household waste and mixed recyclables to comply with the garbage depot’s Sort-It program that many folks already don’t like, even as the plan goes into effect this Monday, July 16.

Alternate solutions best serving the environment, the regional economy, family pocketbooks and childhood sanity are already being welcomed, simpler solutions.

Scrap the two-tier plan for a one-bag solution. Indeed, use dual (transparent) blue bags, all manner of recycles going in one, compostable kitchen refuse and medi-safe discards the other. Hire crews of local workers on conveyor lines to sort the lots on site at the waste management facility, salvaging and burying as need be. Donate proceeds to childhood and seniors’ health and fitness programs. One set of bags to buy, colour of choice. Workers on the job, families staying united.


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