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LETTER: Marijuana shouldn't be legal

Letter to the Editor
Letter to the Editor

May I give the public a few reasons why marijuana shouldn’t be legal. I suppose it’s too late to halt now thanks to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

I was reading about a 15-year-old girl who was already hooked on marijuana, telling her mother “you don’t have to worry mom, everyone smokes pot, it’s harmless.” In the meantime, she was withdrawn from her family, school grades dropped, she was hostile and often depressed. She never thought that pot might have anything to do with it. She was dead wrong.

Do you know that chronic marijuana smoking can impair the immune system? Are you aware that pot remains in the brains and sex glands for some time and might affect a woman’s chance of having a normal baby?

Thousands of young lives in the U.S.A. were ruined by this drug in the 90s. Sometimes the media could be held responsible due to their reporting’s that the drug was harmless. One editorial claimed it was a recreational drug. Like that mother, I think that marijuana is the “gateway” to heroin and cocaine. The ages from 12-17 were the innocent victims. That mother waged a war on drugs and was honoured as the nation’s foremost drug-abuse-prevention author.

This lovely lady helped start a dramatic turnaround in the nation’s attitude toward marijuana. Some people are helped because of pain, this I understand, but not a recreational drug. Heaven forbid!

We need an update on marijuana. Parents, know what your children are into. It’s a crime against the most vulnerable.

I hope it’s not too late to make a difference for the sake of our children. I could go on but for now that’s my opinion.

Marijuana is a dangerous drug.

Vera Earle,

Corner Brook

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