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Letter: Why must drivers leave their vehicles on a ferry ride?

Letter to the Editor
Letter to the Editor

I recently read a Telegram article by Glen Whiffen about Katherine Walters of Bell Island (“Risks to ill passengers not just a ferry tale: woman,” Oct. 4) who recently had some serious medical problems and had to travel on the ferry, a 20-minute crossing and was forced to leave her car and endure discomfort and pain for no other reason but because someone in government decided they should.

We have a ferry in this area that does a run from Pilley’s Island to Little Bay Islands (30 minute ride), from Pilley’s Island to Long Island (five-minute ride). This past spring while travelling to Long Island to attend a funeral, I was told I had to get out of my vehicle. I looked at him in amazement. For all the years on that ferry run, people going to Little Bay Islands would leave their vehicle and go to the lounge, more to socialize with other passengers.

This has nothing to do with safety.

On the run to Long Island, no one left their vehicle — only a five-minute run.

This past summer Long Island had their yearly civic holiday. For years they have been using this holiday as a fundraiser to get a reliable fire truck for the island.

With hundreds of people all over central Newfoundland travelling to the island, the ferry shut down for three hours in the middle of the day because the elevator broke down. Even though there were two set of stairs to the lounge and there may not have been anyone who needed the elevator (five-minute crossing), this ferry shut down, leaving hundreds of people on Pilley’s Island who had to cancel their trip and go back home all because of a stupid regulation.

This has nothing to do with safety. I cannot recall any accidents that have occurred in this province in all the years these ferries have been running. It all had to do with this government imposing stupid rules on our population and it is not showing any compassion for our sick and elderly citizens.

Why can’t we elect politicians who show some compassion and common sense so that our people can be served better?

(Ret) Capt. Wilfred Bartlett

Green Bay South

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