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Marystown council announces intentions to build new arena

An ammonia leak was discovered and fixed at Marystown’s Kaetlyn Osmond Arena in August.
Kaetlyn Osmond Arena in Marystown opened its doors in 1975. Marystown Mayor Sam Synard announced the town's intentions to build a new arena during council's meeting on April 17. - Colin Farrell

MARYSTOWN, NL – The timing is right to start the process to build a new arena in Marystown, Mayor Sam Synard said during the April 17 council meeting.

Synard, who said council as a whole is on board and enthusiastic about the decision, indicated the first step will be to strike a committee.

The facility will be unique, he said, adding it will take some time to put a plan together.

“It won’t be a metal arena with no windows. It’s going to be something completely different than the province has ever seen,” Synard said.

The Town of Marystown has looked at building a new arena in the recent past.

The council responsible for the planning of the town’s rec complex, which opened in 2016 and is operated by the YMCA of Newfoundland and Labrador, initially hoped to include a rink as well. In the end, however, the cost was deemed too high and the project was scaled back.

Synard acknowledged the current council’s decision to build a new arena will likely have its critics.

“People are going to say it’s expensive to build a new arena, and it is, but I’ve heard that comment three strong times,” he said, referring to past efforts by the town to successfully construct the rec centre, an industrial park and a water treatment plant.

“I know that people are going to put on social media that we have no money and we’re going to go bankrupt and taxes are going to go through the roof – none of those things are going to happen,” Synard said.

As with the town’s current ice rink, which was opened in 1975, the mayor indicated the new facility will also be called Kaetlyn Osmond Arena.

“It’s great to have challenges in front of you, you know? Challenges are wonderful things in life,” Synard said.

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