A deeper look into David Baazov’s family

Global businessman David Baazov has a unique family history that set the path for his accomplishments. Born in Israel, Baazov lived with his family in Haifa for a brief period. From there, the family settled in Montreal, Canada, in the 1980s when Baazov was just one year old.

They moved to Montreal with the help of Georgian Rabbi David Baazov, a religious leader coincidentally with the same name. Unfortunately, the family was struggling financially before Baazov saw his outstanding business success. Therefore, they relied on the generous support of the Canadian Jewish Orthodox community.

The Baazov family is of Georgian-Jewish descent and takes pride in their robust heritage. Baazov held this family heritage dear to his heart throughout all his business dealings. Because the family relied on the help of others, Baazov found his passion for business and built the family up due to his prestigious ventures.

Unprecedented future as a global tech giant

David Baazov took business quite seriously throughout his life, starting in his teenage years. During this time, he created two successful companies that encouraged the later establishment of Amaya Inc., one of the most prominent names in the online gaming industry.

Baazov rose above the traditional challenges of new citizens and entrepreneurs despite his humble beginnings as an immigrant. He jumped over many of the expected hurdles by enacting top-tier product brainstorming and high-level networking tactics.

There is no question that he also had a natural talent for math and business creation from an early age. With these skills, Baazov created three thriving businesses and continued to be one of the biggest global tech giants in online gaming. Baazov took on impressive pursuits that exceeded expectations from childhood with nearly nothing.

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Amaya Inc. eventually acquired multiple top gaming software enterprises. The company even bought out crowd favorites such as Cadillac Jack. As a new immigrant with some innate smarts, Baazov would become a leader in a hard-to-reach industry, buying out top player picks across the globe.

Where David Baazov is today, serving as an inspiration

Today, Baazov pursues other interests, such as philanthropy and mentoring. Some of his generous donations include his gifts to Tel Aviv University’s Emergency Fellowship Fund for Ukrainian graduate students and the Migdal Ohr Foundation.

As an entrepreneur himself, Baazov makes an extra effort to provide mentorship opportunities for aspiring business leaders. After serving as founder and CEO of Amaya Inc., he pursued another side of the business world. Helping other professionals concretely aspire to their dreams is one of Baazov’s daily goals.

Although he took a break from further business activity, he now spends his time learning more and enjoying life after decades of professional success. One of Baazov’s critical pieces of advice for aspiring entrepreneurs is to look holistically at the needs of different industries and produce wise solutions.

Baazov, for example, founded three businesses in different fields. From dry cleaning coupons to computer reselling and online gaming software, Baazov could turn any idea into a prosperous business. He encourages excited young professionals to do the same and find themselves in a unique position of optimum achievement.

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