Body of skier recovered 3 weeks after 200-foot fall in Mount Rainier National Park

The body of a female skier who was last heard from on May 18 was recovered in Mount Rainier National Park on Saturday, three weeks after she was missing, officials said Tuesday.

The park said rangers began searching May 19 in response to a report of a skier who was late leaving for a ski tour above the park’s Paradise area.

Four rangers and two volunteers searched the ground, and the park’s contract helicopter found the man unresponsive on a reconnaissance flight during favorable weather.

Mount Rainier National Park is a view of the Paradise area.

National Park Service / M. Photo by Larson

Here the body was found at the base of the Moraine Falls of Pebble Creek above Paradise. She appeared to have fallen about 200 feet to the bottom of a waterfall, the park said, adding, “The area is surrounded by a large, unstable ice trench, subject to rock and ice fall, which was immediately too high. A danger to rescue teams.”

Rangers recovered his body during another period of favorable weather, and a helicopter brought it to God’s Creek Helibase for evaluation by the Pierce County Medical Examiner, the park said.

The woman’s name has not been released.

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