Could the Twin Cities get more than half of the season's current snowfall by Tuesday? Here's what we know

Minneapolis – After a relatively quiet winter, Minnesota will welcome two rounds of significant spring snow in the coming days. In fact, the Twin Cities could receive half or more of the season's current snowfall by Tuesday.

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Everything we know so far about both storms and potential ice totals is over.

First Storm: Mostly overnight snow

The The first weather system Light snow is expected in western Minnesota by 7 PM Thursday. It is expected to appear in the Twin Cities by 9 p.m


2-4 inches of snow is possible across much of Minnesota, with most of the steady snow falling overnight. In some areas even more can be seen.

The storm system is expected to leave Minnesota by Friday morning. Due to travel impacts, especially on untreated roads, there will be a driver alert for the morning commute.

As the storm moves out, so will the clouds, so expect to see some sunshine Friday afternoon and evening. It will help melt some of the accumulated snow.


Second storm: More snow (plus rain) Sunday-Tuesday

Saturday is expected to be mostly calm, but showers are possible in southern Minnesota in the afternoon.

Things will pick up again on Sunday afternoon with steady snow and strong winds.

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Compared to the relatively brief first storm event, the second round will last longer, contain more moisture, and bring more precipitation into Tuesday.


That means even more snow is possible during this second system.

There will also be some rain on Monday, but there is still no consistency in the forecast when it comes to how much rain and snow there will be.

The impacts of this second system will be poor travel conditions Sunday and Monday morning. What effects will last on Mars and beyond is still in question.

So, how much snow will we get by Mars?

As of Thursday afternoon, the Twin Cities had recorded 14.3 inches of snow this winter, making February the snowiest month so far with 7 inches. March has seen little snow, but that's about to change.


A clearer forecast of total snow amounts for the second storm will be available once the first event is over, but based on what we're already seeing, it could bring even more snow than the first.

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That means some areas could see several inches of snow by Friday, followed by some snow on Tuesday.

If 7 inches or more of snow falls in the Twin Cities by the end of the second period, it is March is the snowiest month of the season in the metro. Anything above 7.2 inches would be more than half of the season's snowfall total on record so far.

The Next Weather Team is diligently monitoring both storm events, including possible snowfall, so check back. The latest.


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