Denny Hamlin on what Michael Jordan brings as team owner: 'I can't measure it'

There was no happier person at the racetrack than Tyler Reddick, who ran to victory in Sunday's GEICO 500 at Talladega Superspeedway. Michael Jordan.

NBA legend and co-owner of 23XI Racing, Jordan was on hand to finally see one of his drivers win and join in the celebration afterward. Reddick's four-year-old son, Beau Jordan, was even in Jordan's arms, while Reddick burned through his win on the front straight at Talladega.

Three years into the 23XI NASCAR Cup Series, the upstart team has six wins, with Reddick capturing his first win of the season. Denny Hamlin, the other co-owner of 23XI, couldn't be happier with the partnership between him and Jordan and the direction the team is heading.

“It's hard to say what he brings other than being associated with the greatest athlete in the world,” Hamlin said. Harmful actions Internet. “He's obviously got some business relationships that he brings to the table. One thing I definitely like about him is that I try not to overdo it with any requests, but he understands that when I ask him to do something, it's important. And he's with the right people at the right time. When we meet and greet VIPs he wants to know their names, who they are with, what their job is and he cares.

Michael Jordan compares Tyler Reddick's Talladega victory to an NBA playoff victory

“To have someone who really cares about the people investing in him and his racing team, that definitely goes a long way. He's definitely not an absentee owner. He cares about this, he's a race fan first. I'm very grateful that we built the friendship we did 14 years ago. .And it's been amazing growing up. It's surreal for me to not only be on a good path in my career, but with Toyota and Michael Jordan and 23XI.”

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Jordan was one of the first to congratulate Reddick when he finally got to victory lane.

“You know, it's the NBA playoffs now. To me, it's like an NBA playoff game,” Jordan said. Jamie Little off Fox Sports After the race. “I'm really happy for the fans who support the game. We've been working hard to compete against all the best players in the game. But we've done a heck of a lot to be where we are.

“For us to win a big race like this, it means a lot to me for the effort the team put in. I'm all in. I love it. It changes the competitiveness I had in basketball. It's even worse because I have no control. If I'm playing basketball, I have full control. There is, but I have no control and I live badly through the drivers and all the team leaders and all.

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