Devin Haney Vs. Ryan Garcia: Live round-by-round updates

Devin Haney vs. MMA Fighting. Ryan Garcia live round-by-round updates from one of the most anticipated boxing fights of the year Saturday night at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY.

The main event is expected to start at around 11:45 pm and on DAZN And Pay to view. Check out our Haney vs. Garcia results page to see what happened on the undercard.

Hani (31-0, 15 knockouts) competes for the first time this year after scoring unanimous decision victories over Regis Prokrys and Vassily Lomachenko in 2023.

Garcia (24-1, 20 knockouts) suffered his first career loss against Kervonta Davis (via seventh-round TKO) in April 2023, but defeated Oscar Duarte via eighth-round TKO last December.

We're just minutes away from Devin Haney and Ryan Garcia finally stepping into the ring.

He fights into the night with an incredibly dramatic entrance that Garcia matches his eccentric demeanor. His entry begins with a clip Jesus walks By Kanye West. Again, suitable for anyone keeping up with his recent antics. The music changes the king By Vicente Fernandez. He takes off the incredibly expensive crown before going through the ropes.

Now it's time for Devin Haney's entry. He carries the WBC super lightweight title, which was not on the line after Garcia missed weight by three pounds. He is out there Redrum by 21 Savage. After all the talk, this fight is actually happening.

Take that, Joe Martinez!

Check out the Haney vs. Garcia live blog below:

Round 1: Big Garcia takes center stage immediately. Hani works to prevent the ring from being cut off. Garcia lands big punches as Haney circles. Hani's left hand hurts! Hani wins quickly. Let's see if he recovers. More power punches from Garcia. Honey is initially in survival mode. Another hit and the momentum finally subsided. Hani resets and looks for his jab. Jab to the body with damage. He recovered well in the second half of the round, but Garcia's start.

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MMA Fighting Round, 10-9 Garcia.

Round 2: This time the punch is damage first. He is determined not to let Garcia set up this time. Quick punches on Hani. His prayer is in money. He looks at Hani's right hand. Garcia doesn't throw much, waiting for the right moment to break free with a power shot. Hani's right hand, then another. Garcia pinned Hani twice, but other than that he didn't show much in the round.

MMA Fighting scored the round 10-9 Haney. Overall, 19-19.

Round 3: Overhand right by Haney scores. Garcia hunts with that left hand, but Hani is getting under it now. To the left is Honey supporting Garcia. They clinch and Garcia complains about a low blow on the break. Honey's lightning fast noise. Garcia is now missing. Honey's left hand trips Garcia and Garcia looks frantic. Loss of control.

MMA Fighting scored the round 10-9 Haney. Overall, 29-28 damage.

Round 4: Haney's feints keep Garcia completely out. Harm with body shots. That honey jab gives Garcia all kinds of problems. Left hand breaks Garcia. Garcia has a solid right. Lots of gripes between these big moments. Hani hits the body. Garcia circles and circles. Another jab to the body from Hani.

MMA Fighting scored the round 10-9 Haney. Overall, 39-37 damage.

Round 5: Honey ducks all of Garcia's heavy combos. A supple body fired with harm. He is content to move away from midfield until Garcia comes to him. Garcia goes straight for the counter right. Haney holds the center of the ring. Garcia is completely frozen as his right hand slowly falters. Jeering from the crowd. Haney goes for a haymaker, but Garcia clotheslines him. Left hook to Hani.

MMA Fighting scored the round 10-9 Haney. Overall, 49-46 damage.

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Round 6: Garcia is showing signs of life. He hit a good shot in the middle of a wild ruckus, but it definitely woke the crowd. Hani flipped out again. Right hand to Hani. Jab by Haney while cornering Garcia. He starts to push, and the referee warns Garcia of the shot to the back. Haney argues that Garcia is backing down on him. And again the crowd erupted as it didn't work. Garcia springs ropes but can't connect much.

MMA Fighting scored the round 10-9 Haney. Overall, 59-55 damage.

Round 7: Garcia throws with no structure. And a land! Garcia follows up with a right and it's a knockdown! Alas! Haney, but he might still be skating. Garcia presses and Hani has to tie him up. The referee gets a point from Garcia for punching on the break. wild sequence. Garcia lands again and Hani is hurt, he lands a knee but the ref says it's not a knockdown. As he stumbled, Garcia pushed him down again. what There is going on Haney is holding on for dear life with a minute to go. Garcia's hands are down and he dares Haney to open up. Anyway, we're going to the eighth. Everyone breathe.

MMA Fighting Round, 9-8 Garcia. Overall, 67-64 damage.

Round 8: Garcia is back on the attack. Hani didn't avoid these punches cleanly. Whatever Garcia does, it works. Landing right hands from Garcia. Hani punches to the body as Garcia completely pulls himself away from him. Another Hani body was shot. He turns to chase Garcia into the corner. Straight to the body by Hani. Good right hands by Honey. Bounce-back round for the champion.

MMA Fighting scored the round 10-9 Haney. Overall, 77-73 damage.

Round 9: No early confusion from Garcia in this round. Haney immediately closes the distance. A Hanni chases Garcia. Hani's left hand on the button. Garcia threw almost nothing. Hani with a right hand. A pair of left hooks connected for Haynie. Garcia finally let his hands go with an uppercut that caught Haney's attention. Garcia throws hard. Is it too late?

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MMA Fighting scored the round 10-9 Haney. Overall, 87-82 Hari.

Round 10: Honey hits Garcia again, but Garcia almost pays for it as he fires back with power punches. Garcia didn't let up and he rocked Haney again. There's another knockdown! What a strange fight. Back on the feet, we have more grip and hold from Hani. The umpire cautions both for excessive holding. Lots of sportsmanship in it. A hammer left hook from Garcia freezes Haney, but he stays upright. Monster round for Garcia, who lands two more right hands. Hani's body shots. I don't know how the final round will go.

MMA Fighting Round, 10-8 Garcia. Overall, 95-92 damage.

Round 11: Garcia Hani walks down and he's hungry to finish. Haney regains control of the ring in his favor. Garcia scores with a right as he advances. He follows with a left hook and Haney clotheslines him. Right hand from Garcia. Another clean right for Garcia. A left hand puts Hani on his back! He answers the count. One minute left in this round. Hani gets dragged into a nasty exchange. Anything can happen now.

MMA Fighting Round, 10-8 Garcia. Overall, 103-102 damage.

Round 12: Hani has been adventurous with his strikes, but this could be a problem for him. Finally, he returns to his job. Two more minutes. Garcia misses that left hook. Right hand for Garcia. Honey jabs. A Garcia jab! Haven't seen much of this fight. Garcia was showboating, shrugging his shoulders and daring Hani to attack. Honey jabs. Garcia sticks his tongue out like a lizard. I do not know.

MMA Fighting Round, 10-9 Garcia. Overall, 112-112.

Official Result: Ryan Garcia def. Devin Haney via majority decision (112-112, 114-110, 115-109)

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