e. Jean Carroll defamation lawsuit against Donald Trump: Live updates

12:03 pm ET, January 25, 2024

Carol Martin testified. Here's what he said during the first Carroll-Trump impeachment trial

From CNN's Lauren del Valle

During the first defamation trial last year, the former local news anchor Carol Martin testified After an alleged attack on Donald Trump in the mid-1990s, E. She remembered what Jean Carroll had told her, and she told Carroll not to go out in public.

Martin says he doesn't remember when it happened, but he knows it was some time between 1994 and 1996 when the two were working for the same cable network.

According to Martin's account, the two friends finished taping their respective shows, and Carroll asked if he could come over to Martin's house near the studio. They talked for about an hour in her kitchen, Martin testified, and Carroll was “obsessed.”

Caroline said “the effect was curious and exciting, but she can be like that sometimes, so the part wasn't that different, but what she said didn't make any sense at first.” The conversation wasn't linear, and Carroll began his account, saying, “You won't believe what happened to me the other night,” Martin recalled.

“And I don't know what to expect,” Martin said as she realized at the time. According to Martin, Carroll said several times, “Trump hit me.”

“I think she said, 'He pinned me,' and I still don't know what she meant,” Martin testified.

Martin testified that he told Carroll not to tell anyone his story.

“Because it was Donald Trump and he had a lot of lawyers, I thought he would just bury what I told her,” Martin said.

“I've asked myself that many times over the years. That's what I told her honestly, but I'm not proud that she's not competing,” Martin added.

During cross-examination, Trump attorney Joe Tacobina read a series of messages Martin sent friends to Carroll. Martin testified that they were “very liberal feminist women” who often discussed politics, including their hatred of Trump. “We often talk about ways to change the climate or work on issues that interest us,” Martin testified.

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