Eliza Slatkin Announces Senate Run in Michigan

But on Sunday, he He wrote on Twitter: “It would be a great opportunity to serve our state in Washington, DC, but instead I will be standing up for Michigan right here as Lieutenant Governor. The Governor & I still have a lot of work to do. I look forward to working with our next U.S. Senator to get it done.”

Some Michigan Democrats have emphasized the importance of black representation in the primary.

“Michigan has these rich African-American candidates, and we have very few people representing us in the Senate,” said former Michigan Democratic Representative Brenda L. Lawrence said in an interview Friday. “We have an opportunity to send a qualified public servant to the Senate, so I think that’s very important. I think Michigan has an opportunity to do that.

He was at that time Mr. Pointed to Gilchrist and Hill Harbour. An actor Strong candidates in the TV series “The Good Doctor”. He said he “hasn’t closed the door yet” on his own initiative.

There is renewed attention on the intentions of Michigan’s Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson. She didn’t turn down an offer, but before signaled She was more focused on her current work.

Rep. Debbie Dinkel hasn’t categorically ruled out a run-out.

Republicans have yet to settle on their own top candidate. Nicky Snyder, a Republican member of the state Board of Education, was the principal Jump in. But Representative John James was Michigan’s first black Republican indicated on Friday That he will not seek a seat.

Former Representative Peter Meijer, Mr. He lost his primary after voting to impeach Trump, perhaps the Republican Party’s most important contender, even though he had clear difficulties navigating another primary.

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Those who have expressed interest in running or are frequently mentioned in Republican circles are Rep. Lisa McClain; State Senator Ruth Johnson; Kevin Ringe, who lost a self-funder in last year’s Republican primary campaign for governor; and former Rep. Mike Rogers.

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