Excerpt 2: Netflix users express frustration after watching new Chris Hemsworth movie

Netflix users are expressing frustration following the release of a new movie Extraction 2.

Thriller, 2020s Sequel Extractionwas added to the streaming service on Friday (June 16).

It follows Tyler Rakes, a mercenary played by Chris Hemsworth, who embarks on a mission to rescue a woman and two children held captive in a state-of-the-art prison.

The film, which is getting better reviews than the first film, has topped Netflix’s global chart just two days after its release – however, there is one disappointing aspect of the film that viewers are complaining about.

After watching the film, many call the character of the captive teenage son Sandro (Andro Zabaridge) one of the ‘most annoying’ in film history. It is also noteworthy that he somehow avoided injury even though everyone around him was injured.

“The only annoying part Extraction 2 This guy didn’t even get a scratch, his family was shot or beaten,” one viewer wrote, while another added: “Done. Extraction 2 And Sandro is an annoying character.”

I hate stupid kids in movies, especially in serious scenes like this Sandro guy Extraction 2,“An additional fan fumed: “I still wonder why it didn’t just hurt stupid Sandro. Extraction 2.”

One viewer told Seven that they were so frustrated with the character that they shouted at the screen: “Sandro in Extraction 2 Made me scream at a movie character for the first time in a while.

‘Extraction 2’ viewers complain about Sandro’s character


See more reactions to Sandro’s character below.

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Extraction And Extraction 2 Available to stream on Netflix.

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