Hamas released videos showing US and Israeli hostages alive

Hamas has released propaganda videos giving live testimony to two other hostages, American-Israeli Keith Siegel and Israeli captive Omri Miron. Both were arrested by militants in Gaza during the October 7 attacks.

In one clip Mr Siegel appealed to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to negotiate with Hamas for a deal to release the hostages. Mr Meeran claims to have spent 202 days in captivity in the video, indicating the video was filmed on Thursday this week.

The two also said under duress they were unable to celebrate the Jewish holiday of Passover, which ends on Tuesday.

The Independent It is not immediately possible to verify when and where the videos were shot.

Mr Siegel, a US citizen, was abducted with his wife from their home in Kibbutz Kfar Azza on October 7 when the terrorist group attacked Israel. He was later released during a brief standoff in November.

Mr Meeran was taken prisoner from Kibbutz Nir Oz.

The families of the two hostages seen alive in the video have said they will continue to fight for their men's safe return home. They confirmed a new hostage release agreement with the Israeli government.

“Keith I love you and we will fight until you come back,” his wife Aviva said in a video statement.

His daughter Ilan has also asked Israeli leaders for help. “Seeing my father today just stresses to all of us how soon we need to make a deal and bring everyone home. I urge the leaders of this country to watch this video and see their father's cry for help.

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Mr. Siegel's other daughter said in the same video statement, “If you watch the video, you see that my father knows that we all come to the rally every week and fight for him and for all the captives.”

The Israeli government has not commented on the latest hostage video shared by Hamas.

It is the second video Hamas has released this week of hostages speaking and calling for talks with Mr Netanyahu.

On Wednesday, the militant group released a propaganda video of Israeli-American hostage Hersh Goldberg-Pohl.

Mr Goldberg-Bolin was among hundreds of people abducted by Hamas and other Islamist groups during the October 7 attack on southern Israel that led to the ongoing war in Gaza.

An earlier video posted on Hamas' Telegram channel showed Mr Goldberg-Paul wearing a red shirt with his left arm missing. The 23-year-old was injured in a grenade attack by Hamas militants while attending the Noah music festival in southern Israel.

The video is the first evidence of Mr Goldberg-Pollin's life to be made public since his capture. He is seen with a buzz cut and thin and pale appearance, and makes comments criticizing the Israeli government for abandoning people currently held hostage by Hamas and living in “hell”.

Families of those still held hostage by Hamas have repeatedly criticized Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's government for not doing enough to free them.

About 250 people are believed to have been abducted by Hamas and other militant groups on October 7. These groups may still hold 100 hostages and the remains of nearly 30 others.

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Most of the rest were released in November in exchange for the release of 240 Palestinians imprisoned by Israel.

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