Israel-Hamas war: Biden believes Hamas attack happened because of US role in improving Saudi-Israeli ties

Israel’s gruesome video of Hamas atrocities has shocked viewers

Reporter Ruth Marks Eklash was one of several journalists shown a 43-minute film containing raw footage of the October 7 massacre by Hamas terrorists in southern Israel.

“The intense and horrified reactions to the film in Congress, the United Nations and even in Hollywood – the body cameras worn by Hamas terrorists, dashcams, traffic cameras, closed-circuit TV and the collection of mobile phones and social media accounts of victims, soldiers and emergency medical workers – did not surprise me” Eclash writes for Fox News. “I will be haunted forever.”

Hamas terrorists brutally killed more than 1,200 Israelis in about 20 civilian communities, military bases and a music festival. This day is today referred to as “Black Saturday” in Israel. Nearly 240 people, including nearly 40 children and a dozen mothers, were taken hostage.

Israeli officials say the purpose of showing the video is to get the world to confront Hamas’ atrocities.

“We want the world to see the atrocities committed by Hamas during the October 7 massacre, and we ask that the world not look back,” Israel’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Lior Hayat told Fox News Digital on Thursday.

“When we say Hamas is worse than ISIS, this is what we mean,” he said. “It is a very difficult film to watch. It shows raw footage and very graphic images taken by the terrorists themselves.”

Hiatt said the film was shared by Israel in more than 60 embassies and consulates around the world and shown to diplomats, international organizations, influencers and decision makers.

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“Not everyone can actually stay and watch the whole movie,” the spokesperson said. “I’ve seen people crying, I’ve seen people leaving the room, I’ve seen many people shocked to see such atrocities committed against human beings by the monsters of Hamas.”

Ruth Marks Eclash contributed to this update.

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