Judge rules Fulton County attorney's divorce attorney must return as witness in Trump lawsuit challenge


Terrence Bradley testifies on February 23, 2024 during an evidentiary hearing on proposals to fire Fulton County District Attorney Fannie Willis from the Georgia election tampering case.


A judge has ruled that Nathan Wade's former law partner and divorce attorney will testify on the witness stand. interrelationship Fulton County District Attorney Fanny Willis and WadeSenior Advocate Election malpractice case Former President Donald Trump and others are involved.

Attorney Terence Bradley had Earlier armored attempt What he learned in court by claiming attorney-client privilege. An emergency hearing could be held as early as Tuesday afternoon in an attempt to disqualify Willis from the 2020 Georgia election tampering case.

“Based on an in camera hearing with Bradley, the court believes that the interested parties have not met their burden of establishing that the communication(s) are covered by the attorney-client privilege, and therefore the hearing may resume for Mr. Bradley's examination,” an email from a Fulton County Superior Court judge said. Scott McAfee Retrieved from CNN.

McAfee noted that there was a “very short window” for it to appear that “Bradley's medical emergency was brought to the court's attention.” Clients and their attorneys, the judge wrote, “can almost appear through Zoom.” The judge asked the lawyers to confirm their presence in court.

Bradley had been charged as the “star witness” for defense attorneys seeking to disqualify Willis' office and dismiss the case, but he refused to answer some questions during a court hearing two weeks ago, citing privilege. Earlier Monday, McAfee met with Bradley behind closed doors to address privilege issues.

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Trump is a co-defendant Mike RomanAttorney, who initially revealed the allegations It wants to hear more from Bradley to refute claims that Willis and Wade's personal relationship began after he was appointed special counsel in late 2021 to prosecute the case against Trump and his associates.

“Bradley has non-privileged, personal knowledge that the romantic relationship between Wade and Willis began before Willis took office as District Attorney of Fulton County, Georgia in January 2021,” according to a previous court filing by Ashley Merchant, Roman's defense attorney. .

“Therefore, Bradley could confirm that Willis entered into an agreement with Wade after Wade and Willis began dating, thereby contradicting Wade's claim in his affidavit that they did not begin dating until 2022,” the filing said.

Roman first raised allegations that Willis benefited financially when Wade took her on trips with money earned in the case. For example, court filings include receipts for a trip Willis and Wade took in 2022 after being hired as special counsel.

A hearing in which prosecutors will address cellphone records and other exhibits is scheduled for Friday, according to the email.

CNN Katelyn Bollands contributed to this report.

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