Kathleen Kennedy, Daisy Ridley and Taika Waititi in ‘Star Wars’ Future – Variety

After the “Ahsoka” group at the Star Wars Celebration in London, Variety Lucasfilm spoke with President Kathleen Kennedy about some of the franchise’s future installments.

Kennedy was eager to talk about bringing back Daisy Ridley’s Rey for a new “Star Wars” film, which was announced during the April 7 panel.

“It was a very straightforward phone call,” he said. “Hey, I think we’re ready.’ We’ve been talking a lot about what we’re doing in the cinema, and I said, ‘I think we’re ready. How would you like to go to the celebration?’ And that was really the beginning of it. She was excited out of her mind.

Kennedy offered Lucasfilm’s collaboration with Rian Johnson, who is working on the new “Star Wars” trilogy.

“Ryan and I talk all the time,” she said. “He’s incredibly busy. So right now we’re not really involved in anything because he’s doing another ‘Glass Onion’ movie and then God knows what else. But he really wants to step back into space. It’s a big commitment of time, so it’s really on him. has

Taika Waititi is also working on a solo film in the “Star Wars” universe. Kennedy also gave an update on that.

“Taika hasn’t worked yet,” he said. “He writes the script himself. He really didn’t want to bring others into that process, and I don’t blame him. He has a very unique voice. So we want to protect that and that’s what he’s doing. But we’re going to do it one day.

Kennedy also held an investigation into the second season of “Obi-Wan Kenobi.” Some fans have pushed for a follow-up adventure to Ewan McGregor’s iconic Jedi.

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“It’s not an active development,” he said. “But I’ll never say never, because there’s always a possibility. The show was well-received [director] Deborah Chow did such an amazing job. Ewan McGregor really wants to do another one. Everyone is on board with what we’re doing now, and you can see what we’ve shown everyone [at the Celebration]. We’ll get it back on the road.

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