LIVE UPDATES: Biden and Trump go head-to-head in CNN presidential debate

CNN spoke to five conservative-leaning male voters in their early twenties about what they expect from President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump in tonight’s historic debate.

Michael Whedon: “I need a domestic debate,” says the 21-year-old Atlanta resident at the Georgia Institute of Technology. He identifies as a middle-of-the-road voter with more conservative leanings.

Whedon said he’s “really” not satisfied with the 2024 presidential picks and would prefer something more noble like Abraham, someone who’s flamboyant, well-spoken, and not rude. Lincoln type.”

Jack Kennedy: said the 22-year-old Georgia Tech student from Winder, Georgia. “A lot of voters are going to swing on this debate tonight. So, I think it will have a big impact and they might attract a good electorate.

He said he leans “a little more to the right” and has expressed displeasure with Biden on foreign policy, which is on his mind.

Donovan Dykstra: The 21-year-old from Augusta, Georgia, says she supports Trump and likes the way the former president speaks. “He’s a good businessman,” the Georgia Tech student said. Tonight, he says he wants to “hear a good civil conversation” and see what both candidates have to say. And he said he wanted to see if Biden “had a good answer” for Trump. “Can he spit out anything intelligent? I would be very shocked, honestly,” Dykstra said of Biden.

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Noah sells: The 22-year-old, who lives in Carl, Georgia, does not attend college. He said he wanted to see a candidate who would make it easier to buy property in the US.

Dhruva Kothari: The Georgia Tech student from Annapolis, Maryland, considers himself “much less conservative” than his peers, while he still leans right. “He says he wants to see someone who can prove that: they can be in good health to lead our country for the next four years. Two: someone who can see the common man. I think a lot of times a group gets isolated, but the common man gets left behind.

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