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A ‘claw-some’ sight: Random Island man shows off enormous lobster

Clayton Baker and the huge lobster.
Clayton Baker and the huge lobster. - Contributed

WEYBRIDGE, N.L. — Clayton Baker got a surprise while fishing for capelin on a Random Island beach last week.

At the water’s edge, as the capelin began to roll in, he noticed something moving and went to investigate.

He fetched his rubber boots, cooler and dip net. By this time, he was talking to a family who had spotted the humungous lobster in the shallow water.

“We thought it was a codfish (at first). But this is what it was — a big lobster, buddy.”

He picked up the lobster and held it up for a quick picture before putting it back in the water.

“I tell ya, he was after the capelin.”

Baker adds that he thinks it’s probably the biggest lobster he’s ever seen in person.

Judging from the photo the lobster looks to be somewhere around two feet long, about 10 pounds and with claws larger than a man’s hands.

Baker says his find was ironic because they recently had a meal of lobster which was frozen from earlier in the season — but nothing near as big as this one on Weybridge beach.

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