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4:19 PM ET, May 21, 2024

Sources say they were duped by Egypt changing the terms of the ceasefire for Hamas

From CNN’s Alex Marquardt and Jeremy Diamond

Egyptian intelligence quietly changed the terms of a cease-fire proposal Israel had already signed earlier this month, scuttling a deal that could have eventually freed Israeli hostages and Palestinian prisoners, paving the way for a temporary end to fighting in Gaza. Well versed in debates.

The cease-fire agreement ended with Hamas declares Neither the Qataris nor the Americans believe it was submitted to Hamas for a possible final review on May 6, the sources said.

The changes by Egyptian intelligence, the details of which were not previously disclosed, led to a wave of anger and retaliation among US, Qatari and Israeli officials, and ceasefire talks were left at a standstill.

“We were all duped,” one of those sources told CNN.

CIA Director Bill Burns, who led American efforts to broker a cease-fire agreement, was in the area when he received word that the Egyptians had changed the terms of the agreement. He was angry and embarrassed, the same person said, believing that he was not in the loop or informing the Israelis of the changes.

The soft-spoken and mild-mannered Burns “almost blew a gasket,” the source said.

A CIA spokesman declined to comment.

Ahmed Abdel Khaleq, a senior Egyptian intelligence official, was responsible for making the changes, three sources familiar with the matter told CNN. Khaliq was a senior aide to Egyptian intelligence chief Abbas Kamal. He was Burns’ counterpart in leading Egypt’s mediation of the cease-fire talks.

A source familiar with the negotiations said Abdel Khaleq told the Israelis one thing and Hamas another. The source said many of Hamas’s demands were inserted into the original framework, which Israel tacitly agreed to in order to gain Hamas’ approval.

But the other arbitrators were not informed; Or, critically, Israelis don’t.

All sides were under the assumption that the Egyptians had issued the same document that Israel had signed, and that the other mediators, the United States and Qatar, knew this, the person said.

The Egyptian government did not respond to a request for comment.

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