Oaks Park ride crashes, 28 people stuck upside down

Oaks Park amusement park outside Portland, Oregon, had to call emergency crews Friday to rescue 28 people who were stuck upside down on a malfunctioning ride.

On Friday, crews rescued 28 people who were hanging high on the ride.

At Portland Fire and Rescue X, firefighters worked with engineers at Oaks Park to manually lower the ride. The patrons were medically examined at the scene and there were no injuries. As a precaution, one rider with a pre-existing medical condition went to the hospital for further evaluation, Oaks Amusement Park said in a statement.

The ride AtmosFEAR swings riders completely upside down.

The ride has been in operation since 2021 and there have been no previous incidents, the park said. It will remain closed until further notice.

“We would like to express our deepest appreciation to the first responders and our staff for their prompt action, leading to a positive outcome today and to other park guests who quickly followed instructions to evacuate the park to make way for emergency responders to attend to the situation,” it said.

Oaks Park first opened in 1905.

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