Russia-Ukraine War News: Pentagon Leaks Reveal Challenges of Counterattack

US government agencies are working together to assess the fallout from a stunning leak of Pentagon documents A document from early February says Washington doubts Ukraine’s expected spring counteroffensive will yield major gains — an assessment that could cheer those who say Kyiv and its allies should negotiate with Russia to end the conflict.

The Kremlin will increase its air defenses near Finland, a recent NATO member, to double the land border of the transatlantic military alliance with Russia, a top Russian general said.

Here’s the latest news on war and its ripple effects around the world.

“The Russian flag is torn in the hearts of our friends from Ukraine, whose friends and relatives have been killed in these horrific attacks,” said Bill Bestpitch. who works Treasurer Roanoke Valley Sister Cities In Virginia. “We wanted to show our support — that’s not a strong enough word. But how do we sympathize with the people of Ukraine without looking like we’re blaming the people in Pisco that we’re associated with?” he said, referring to the 31-year-old from Roanoke. Partnership with the Russian city of Pskov.

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