Sandra Huller's Anatomy of a Fall: This year's Oscars dark horse

The electrifying noir-thriller-meets-courtroom drama written by the fictional Sandra Tritt and her partner Arthur Harari is neither a femme fatale nor a terrorized victim. Anatomy is one of the most brilliant and memorable marriage arguments ever seen in cinema. A particular scene went viral earlier this year and has now gone viral Less than 10 million views on TikTok. When the film first premiered at Cannes, Justin Tritt told the BBC he wanted to explore the tensions of a long-term relationship.

“I think living together is very complicated,” he said at the time. “What do we owe to each other, what do we give to each other, what is love, how to live together? It seems so simple, but in fact it is a question.”

Hüller admits the scene is “extraordinary,” but thinks it depends on the strength of Triad and Harari's own relationship.

“It's not because of us, it's because of the writing. It helps the people who wrote it live together, and they wrote their worst nightmare, how it could really go wrong,” he points out.

“They went to a very uncomfortable place, I think. I can thank them for that, because it was brave. I often talk about bravery in filmmaking, but I think it was braver to write this. Couples; I have a lot of respect for that.”

An international success story

Anatomy of a Fall is a study of the breakdown of a relationship through the lens of a courtroom, set against the formality of the French legal system, which was already portrayed in the 2022 film by Alice Diop. Holy Omar Inherent prejudice against women accused of crimes of passion.

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In the witness box, Sandra is questioned about her commitment as a wife and mother to the couple's young son Daniel (played by Milo Machado-Greiner), blind and key witness. Her marital infidelities with both men and women are exposed to the court.

As some have argued, does Sandra's bisexuality count against her in court? “It's interesting that some people are afraid of the truth,” Huller replied. “Or even that convinces her, I don't know? I mean, we shouldn't even go there, it's ridiculous.”

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