Showtime Cancels ‘Three Girls,’ ‘Let the Right One In’ & American Gigolo – Deadline

Exclusive: Paramount Global Just announced That Display time Both streaming and linear will be integrated into Paramount+ later this year. In preparation for the move, the premium cable network, which will be renamed Paramount+ along with Showtime, has spent the past several weeks reevaluating its programming slate under it. The new top executive Chris McCarthy.

As a result, the display time does not continue New series Three girls, starring Shailene Woodley, Betty Gilpin, DeWanda Weisz and Gabriel Greavy. The play has been quietly shopped by its producers, and I hear there is interest with at least one offer on the table.

Additionally, Showtime has decided not to pick up Season 2 of two new drama series: Put the right one inDemyan Pichir played, and American Gigolo, led by Jon Bernthal. The former was inspired by the best-selling 2004 novel by Jan Ajvid Lindqvist and its 2008 Swedish film adaptation, which was acquired by Tomorrow Studios for other platforms. (I’ve heard that all titles removed from the Showtime platform as part of the restructuring will be available for carryover.)

This represents a recent turnaround Put the right one inA long journey. The series was originally set up at A&E and A+E studios in 2015 and later moved to TNT. A pilot ordered And the cast but Not going into production. Continuation at the end Showtime got its wayWhere did it get in the air?

This is probably the end of the road American Gigolo, Suffered from problems during production, incl Misconduct investigation and showrunner changeeventually making up an eight-episode season 10-episode original order.

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Taking discounts on completed seasons of TV series or movies has become a favorite MO for media companies over the past year. This strategy was aggressively pursued by Warner Bros. Discovery, along with others, notably AMC.

In three girls, Adapted by Taddeo based on Lisa Taddeo’s non-fiction bestseller, a group of women are on a crash course to radically change their lives. The series is executive produced by Taddeo, showrunner Laura Eason, Cathy Sirik and Emmy Rossum. Louis Friedberg directed and executive produced the first two episodes.

Showtime has other high-profile scripted series coming up Ripley And Raja Shaka, They are in post production.

On renewal, no decision has been made yet on the future Be them And I love that for you. I hear the former is informally sending feelers out to market, while the latter has a second season written.

Vampire drama series Leave the correct one In Comes from far away Created by Andrew Hindegar, Seth Mann and Tomorrow Studios. Described as an exploration of human frailty, strength and compassion through a sublime genre lens. It centers on Mark, played by Demian Pichir and his daughter Eleanor (Madison Taylor-Bass).

American Gigolo, a present-day remake of the iconic 1980 film, follows Julian Kaye (Bernthal) as he navigates his ex-lover Michael (Gretsen Moll), his troubled mother and his complicated relationships after being wrongfully-convicted for 15 years in prison. People who betrayed him. The project is a production of Paramount Television Studios.

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