The RNC layoffs have prompted mixed reactions from conservatives

Reports of layoffs at the Republican National Committee (RNC) have drawn mixed reactions from conservatives, with some GOP members celebrating the personnel change.

The RNC underwent a major leadership shakeup last week after two of former President Donald Trump's closest allies were voted in to lead the party. Laura Trump, the former president's daughter-in-law, was unanimously chosen to co-chair alongside longtime Trump supporter Michelle Watley, who was elected chairman of the RNC.

Days later, the RNC is looking to fire more than 60 employees—including some in top positions—people familiar with the matter spoke to Politico and other outlets. According to one source cited The New York TimesThe party had only about 200 on payroll at the end of last month.

Laura Trump, daughter-in-law of former President Donald Trump, spoke Friday at the Republican National Committee (RNC) meeting in Houston, Texas. Reports of mass layoffs at the RNC have sparked praise and some criticism.


Some conservatives, some of Trump's allies, celebrated the decision, such as Turning Point founder and political commentator Charlie Kirk, who called reports of the layoffs a “bloodbath” in a tweet to X.

“It's great,” Kirk added. “All the anti-Trump sleeper cells have to go. The RNC is gearing up to win.”

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, another staunch supporter of the former president, said Monday that reports of mass layoffs at the RNC were “music to my ears.”

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“For three years, we've been trying to protect our electoral base and the money they're spending there, and care less about things that don't matter, quite frankly,” Lindel said. host War room Internet.

“I'm really glad they're cleaning house because that's what they needed and they needed different leadership there,” Lindell continued.

Former U.S. Rep. Adam Kinsinger, a Republican critic of Trump, offered a different perspective on X Monday evening, saying, “The RNC, in deciding to become Trump's toilet and slush fund, is going to do real damage down the ballot.”

“They deserve to surrender,” he added. “How far they fell.”

Newsweek The RNC was reached via email for comment Monday evening.

Politico reported Monday that the party's newly appointed chief operating officer, Sean Cairncross, sent an email to some RNC staff saying leadership was “in the process of evaluating the organization and staff to make sure the building is aligned.” “During this process, certain employees are being asked to resign and reapply for a position with the team,” Cairncross added in the letter.

As stated therein times The RNC's digital and finance teams are moving from their base in Washington, DC to Palm Beach, Florida, where Trump's re-election campaign is based, according to a source with “direct knowledge” of the layoffs. Another source described the RNC as “actively connected” to Trump's campaign.

Ronna McDaniel, a former chair of the RNC, has been in office since 2017 but has faced backlash in recent years amid a series of Republican election losses. Others have blamed Trump for the party's poor performance.

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After Laura Trump was elected co-chair of the RNC last week, many Republicans vowed to reject their own party, including US Army veteran Peter Heinlein, who wrote in X that “lifetime donations to every GOP candidate will drop many times over. Vote candidates every cycle .. . I'm out. I donated to win an election, not to maintain a billionaire's lifestyle.”

Former Trump aide Olivia Troye urged Republicans on Saturday to “stop donating” to the RNC, saying it was turning into a “Trump legal defense fund.”