Tony Bennett, Jazzy Crooner of the American Songbook, Dies at 96

As the century turned, he toured again, giving 200 shows a year and making numerous recordings.

In 2007, Mr. Bennett married a third time in the late 1980s to his longtime partner, Susan Crowe, a teacher four decades his junior. Together they started a foundation to support arts education in schools and funded the Frank Sinatra School of the Arts, a public high school in Queens.

Mr. Bennett lived in the same Manhattan apartment where he died, except for a few years in Los Angeles and London. He is survived by his wife; his sons, Danny and Day; his daughters, Johanna and Antonia Bennett; and 9 grandchildren.

As David Ivanier suggested in his illuminating 2011 biography, “All Things You Are: The Life of Tony Bennett,” Mr. If there is one magical quality to Bennett’s life, it is the 1974 story of Mr. Connected by a story told by Bennett.

“I love the fun things that only happen to me right now in life,” she said. “One time, I was at the Hollywood Bowl singing Kurt Weill’s ‘Lost in the Stars’ with Bassey’s band and Buddy Rich on drums, and a shooting star fell in the sky over my head, and everyone was talking about it, and the next morning the phone rang and I called from New York. He said, ‘Hey, Tony, how did you do it, man?’ and disconnected.

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