Trump says he believes Nikki Haley will be “on our team in some form.”

A day after former Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley He said he would vote Trump addressed Haley’s comments Thursday after a rally in the Bronx for former President Donald Trump in November — his First major campaign event In New York City since 2016.

“I think he’ll be on our team because we have the same ideas, the same thoughts,” Republican presidential nominee Trump told News 12 New York. “I appreciated what she said. You know, we had a bad campaign, which was really bad. But she’s a very talented person and I’m sure she’s going to be on our team in some form or another.”

During an event Wednesday at the Hudson Institute in Washington, DC, he did so for the first time suspended his presidential campaign In March, Haley said she would “vote for Trump.”

His announcement came despite harsh criticism of his former opponent in his presidential campaign, who often referred to Trump as “out of character.”

And Haley, who announced she was dropping her bid for the presidency, said in her speech that “Donald Trump now has to get the votes of people in our party and beyond that who don’t support him.”

The former South Carolina governor served as the US ambassador to the United Nations in the Trump administration.

In a May 11 post on his Truth Community site, Trump wrote that Haley was “not under consideration” as his vice presidential nominee. On Thursday, Trump sidestepped a question about whether he was being considered as a potential running mate, instead listing the names of several prominent Republicans he said would do a “fantastic job,” including Sens. Marco Rubio and JD Vance. , Rep. Elise Stefanik and Dr. Ben Carson.

“You can take people like Ben Carson, you can take people like Marco Rubio, JD Vance — I mean, there are so many. Ellis is doing a fantastic job,” Trump said. “We have a lot of people who will do an amazing job.”

Asked about a timeline for a decision, Trump replied that it could come “sometime during the conference.”

The Republican National Convention is scheduled for July 15-18 in Milwaukee.

Trump has attended a Manhattan courtroom for the past few weeks His current “hush money” criminal investigation. His argument was adjourned on Tuesday, with closing arguments scheduled for next week.

Kathryn Watson contributed to this report.

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